Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fourth Grade

  • Persuasive Essay:  Try and convince me to buy, or like something

There are many toys like a remote control jeep but, I bet you’ll have more fun with a remote control helicopter. It is the best way to make your fun way better. You will have a blast when you see it at first sight. It is a great way to get outside and play.
The remote control helicopter is very cool. It can take huge amounts of damage too. It is awesome because you can fly it high with it not losing any connection. You can even fly it down low and in between small places or tunnels.
There are a lot of fun things to do with the remote control helicopter like have races with it. You can get a friend go outside and have a race. You can make the course even! These are all reasons I have showed you to get a remote control helicopter.

  • Informative Essay:  Write me a story about something that you know about.

I know there are a lot of places to go to in the world but the one I know the most is my home town Clear Lake Iowa. Every year we have Christmas by the lake. I know that there are many places to go to in Clear lake like the island on the lake. There are also many beautiful sites in clear lake.  You can also bike around the lake it is very cool and relaxing.
There is also the carnival, it comes every year. There is an awesome ride called the Fireball. It is very exciting because it can even go upside down. There is many types of carnival rides like the maze and the dragon. All those rides are a blast.
Clear Lake is known for it’s bitter cold and snowy winters and it’s hot summer days. Clear Lake is really good at sports too. Last year they won state in baseball and all the players won medals. There are many places I know but I know Clear Lake the most.

  • Narrative Essay:  This is a fiction story.  

It was a beautiful night when I was walking on the sidewalk. I heard the wind whistle and the bitter cold thrashing on my jacket when all of the sudden boom! There was a big explosion and then I saw him. The face of a big blue electric man.  I have heard
Everyone started freaking out yelling in horror. I knew he was dangerous but who in the world could go up against this guy. A man was running away he was about to get electrocuted when Spider Man appeared. he shot his web at the man and he saved him. I never would have thought Spider Man would appear but he did. He shot a web at electron and apparently it was enough to save the whole city.
It was amazing to see Spider Man appear and go into action like that. I was happy to see everyone safe. When I came home I was excited to see my mother and father safe. Spider Man is our hero and he is more importantly my hero.

  • Research Paper:  Research something, and write a story about it.

Lions are  sleepy animals. they are ambush predators unlike wild dogs like hyenas. They hide until the prey walks by then they come out and kill the prey. They are way more patient than any other species.
Lions mostly climb trees to avoid large swarms of flies or herds of cape buffalo. They also climb trees to get a better site of things. Young lions are more likely to climb trees than adults. They like to climb trees anywhere in Africa.
Lions spend more time sleeping than any other animal in Africa. They may only eat two or three days a week. They can hold large amounts of food in their stomachs. I hope I have told all my research about lions.

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