Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Hi my name is Joe and I am 10 years old. I am very excited to hear about my new 5th grade teacher and I can’t wait to enter 5th grade. If you want to learn more about my likes and dislikes just read more. These are all my likes about in school and out of school. I like to play sports like baseball,soccer,football and basketball. My favorite food is between pizza and steak. I like to be helpful and respectful. I love to have friends over and play. I also like to run around and play games like capture the flag and freeze tag. I hope I have told you a lot about my likes. These are all my dislikes about school and in school that I can’t stand. I don’t like to eat spinach. I hate it when I’m being bullied and I can’t stand it when other people are being bullied. I don’t like friends who are not friendly. I don’t like getting into trouble and I can’t stand my sisters and I hate that I have no brothers. I hope have told you all about my dislikes. I hope you have learned a lot of stuff about my likes and dislikes and how much fun it is to enter 5th grade. Maybe I might see you write the same story about you entering 5th grade.

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