Friday, January 17, 2014

Mr.E's snow fort

      Hi, my name is Joe, and I'll be trying to convince you to come to our snow fort and no one else. Everyone in fourth grade is  building a snow fort. You should go to our wonderful fort because.
It's huge! The perimeter is 44 ft the area is 102 feet squared and the volume is 720 feet cubed. Our fort is super comfortable. It has a snow couch and snow chair. The other people's snow fort barely has anything. Ours even has an awesome hand made warm welcoming fire pit. Our snow fort is unique because it has different colors all around it red, blue, green and purple.
 If it was not for my team, we wouldn't have such a wonderful plan. We have to work together if we want to make a great snow fort.
Our fort is going to look like a castle when it is done. We'll have plenty of jobs for us to do, so we can work hard and finish strong with the fort. The other team's fort is small and can fall on you. I think our fort is the best out of all the classes. I think it is because we have very sturdy walls and it would be very difficult to push our fort over. Our fort is not just an entry way. It is a tunnel as well. Once, you walk inside you'll be amazed. We also have crisp and clear windows so we can see what is going happening outside. The breeze when you walk will feel so good you'll know this is a place to call home. There will even be snow bean bags. It will feel so awesome to sit in. If I were to rate this fort out of one through ten, I would give it an eight. Those are the reasons you should come to our fort and nobody else's.